New friends, new rivers, new skills :)

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Armada 2013 / Where and when?

This year... back to the roots of the ECBA!

Book your calendars now!

Armada 2013 / Organization matters

Everything in this: www.WildwasserBoard.de (in German & English) and www.CBoats.net (in English) threads or on Open Canoe group @FB.

Armada 2013 / Videos

Simme / Saane / Senze / Lower Luchine - edit Jan Van Hees


Simme / Heidiweidli (c) Alexander Hüsch


Saane-Sarine (c) Alexander Hüsch


Sense (c) Piotrek Kaleta


Sense + Simme (c) Piotrek Kaleta

Armada 2013 / Photo Gallery

If you wish to have your photos have appeared in this gallery, send me your 10-15 best photos:
myszoor [at] gmail [dot] com

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