New friends, new rivers, new skills :)

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Armada 2014 / where and when?

In the beautiful Soca valley with everything from class I to V. This time some people will be there the whole week. On Saturday there will be a dinner like every year, cooked together, vegetarians please drop us a note so that we can take care of that.

Looking forward to seeing you there


  • Date: 29 V - 1 VI 2014.

  • Rivers: Soca & Koritnica / Slovenia

  • Camping: Kamp Lazar / Kobarid

Armada 2014 / Organization matters

Everything here: www.WildwasserBoard.de (in German & English) or here: www.FaceBook.com.

Armada 2014 / Videos

Soca / 27 V / Friedhofstrecke (c) Piotrek Kaleta

Koritnica / 30 V (c) Piotrek Kaleta

Soca / Bunkerschwall (c) Bushpaddler

Soca / Friedhof (c) Bushpaddler

Soca / Abseilstrecke (c) Bushpaddler

Armada 2014 / Links

Links to few photo galleries : )

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